Taylor Rohrer

"...Striving to create an experience where my brides feel intentionally loved, listened to and understood."

Hey Chica! I'm Taylor! I am 25 years old and have been married to my wonderful husband for four years! We live out in the country with our rambunctious Labernese, Turbo. He may be 3 years old, but he is 5'0 tall when he stands on his back legs and weighs a good 110lbs. Whenever Joe and I get the chance, we love to pack up our bags and see the world. Since we've been married we've been to fourteen states, the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) Jamaica, Canada and Mexico! 

When I'm not traveling or training my dog you can find me reading the latest edition of The Magnolia Journal and planning out my next home DIY project. If you were to ask me what my home decor style is, I would say Farmhouse Chic. I absolutely love the mixture of rustic elements and textures with a hint of classy decor. 

One thing that sets me apart from those in my industry is my language skills. I have a B.A. in Liberal Studies with concentrations in Interpreting, American Sign Language, and Spanish. I absolutely love meeting people from other countries, learning their language, and understanding more about their culture and background. 

The most important thing about me however is that I am an unashamed follower of Jesus Christ and am so thankful that He was willing to send His only son to die a death that a sinner like me deserves. It is only because of His sacrifice that I am living this wonderfully blessed and forgiven life that I am today. 


8 Fun Facts  About  Your  Photographer

1. What is My Favorite Magazine?

The  Magnolia  Journal


2. What is My Starbucks Order? 

Tall  Caramel  Macchiato  with   one  pump  of  vanilla

3. If I Were to Spend One Day Shopping, What Would it be For? 

Home  Decor

4. What is my Favorite Season? 


5. If I Could Travel Anywhere, Where Would it be? 


6. What is One Quirky Thing About Me? 

I  Love  Office  Supplies

7. If I Could Have My Own Garden, What Would I Grow in it?



8. Where Does My Business Name Come From?


My  Two  Middle   Names :   K. Marie